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Driven wingshooting

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The wing shooting estates (pheasantries) offer high flying birds with hunting history going back to the 18th century. Thousands free range pheasants and the mixture of hilly woodland, game cover provide six to eight challenging wing shooting drives for the guns. Syndicates have their own gun loader and retrievers to their disposal. The hunts in The Czech Republic are well organized and gun transport is very easy and straight forward.

On the wing shooting day, elevenses are provided and lunch is served at the hunting lodge in the heart of the woods. The "Last drive" signals the end of the successful wing shoot, the bag is then laid out - Le Tableaux and the sounds of horns are played as a mark of respect to the day's bag. The traditional ceremony creates lasting memories to take home.

  • PHEASANT 16. 10. - 31. 1.


Duck shooting

It is of special interest to the true game enthusiast; results, as always, are very much to do with prevailing weather conditions. The estates that are chosen for this specialized sport are carefully monitored to ensure that the facilities will offer great sport.

  • WILD DUCK 1. 9. - 30. 11.