Big game

Big game can be stalked on foot, shot from high seats or driven towards waiting guns.


Trophy is a part of the game and for the hunter it is a success story to share with the fellow hunters. Also trophies bring back everlasting found memories. Well known trophies are antlers and rams or tuskers.

Game trophies are not only a pleasure and centerpiece for the hunter but also serve as a very important information point for the Czech game keepers. From the game trophy records the local gamekeepers ascertain the game quality habitat on their hunted land. Each harvested game is measured and recorded.

For the centuries game trophies in the Czech Rebublic ranked amongst the very best in Europe and world wide.

  • RED EUROPEAN DEER 1. 8. - 15. 1.
  • JAPANESE SIKA DEER 1. 8. - 15. 1.
  • DYBOWSKI SIKA DEER 16. 8. - 31. 12.
  • FALLOW DEER 16. 8. - 31. 12.
  • MOUFLON 1. 8. - 31. 12. (game preserves - whole year round)
  • WILD BOAR 1. 8. - 31. 1.


Big hoofed game hunting on our managed estates helps ensure that your group will have the game flushed and driven, but that's where the predictability ends. From there it's your responsibility to take advantage of any mistake this unpredictable animals make. And though you'll be hunting in some of the most beautiful land in Central Europe don't be too distracted by the scenery; as soon as the game is driven, your concentration on the task at hand must be total.

Many hunters have taken a fancy to collective hunts for wild pigs, fallow deer, red european deer, sika deer, mouflon where a big bag is not an exception.